March 31, 2018

Acne; How To

Warning: I’m not a skincare expert. This might not work for you. Please see your dermatologist too. This post is definitely out of my comfort zone, and before anyone laughs, please mind that this is something I have been extremely insecure about since I was in primary. I’ve had acne since I was about 12 - I had bad days and I had good days. When I was about 16, I took isotretinoin which saved me for a while but unfortunately acne is something you can’t just cure. So after a few years, I went off the pill - my hormones were a mess and my acne was even worse than it had ever been before. I’ve never felt so ashamed of myself and so insecure, it made me want to skip days of uni and not want to meet with my friends. I went to bed early so my boyfriend didn’t have to see me like this. Before, I was definitely the „natural” look type of person and I barely ever wore makeup, nevermind foundation but this just meant my face was always covered. I hated going to the gym and basically stopped because that meant I’d have to show my face. It was even worse for me because I love eating healthy - I am constantly nagging to my friends and family to eat healthy, take vitamins and exercise, so an „ill-looking” face made me feel like I was losing my identity. I hate how that influenced me so much but I can’t help it. I was desperate to stop it, and so instead of counting on the doctors - who just were not willing to help, I took matters into my own hands. 

I started off with cutting out dairy completely (I never drank milk before but this also meant cheese) (crying inside) This helped a little but my skin was still pretty bad so the next step I took was cutting out alcohol and sweets - I had a bit of a „detox” for about a week. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Water is the most important - drink loads of it! But please don’t deprive yourself of everything, just listen to what your body needs. Supplements- Vitamin D, E and A have been my besties. But do not think that it’s okay to replace your food with vitamins - it is NOT. Finally, instead of relying on spot creams, I started using more cheaper alternatives - I mixed apple cider vinegar (Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother) with tea tree oil (Holland & Barrett 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil) and water and washed my face with a cotton pad (wash it off after 20 minutes) twice a day. Each time I did this, I used aloe vera (Dr Organic Aloe Vera Gel) to hydrate my face, and used rosehip oil at night. I chucked out all of my „spot creams” and blemish type skincare as unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. Also remember to not change your skincare too often, as this may result in worse break outs. Your skin needs at least 3 weeks to get used to one product.
After about a week of this, my skin improved so much. It’s not perfect. It probably never will be but it helped me to learn that antibiotics, spot treatments aren’t always the answer - take care of your gut, eat healthy, exercise and try natural treatments and you never know, it might be just what your skin needs. Who knows, as soon as I post this my skin might break out again. (Especially after Easter) It's just what my skin is like but hopefully I’ll be able to control it again. Hope this post helps some of you with the same problem - or even makes you feel a bit better but like I said - everyone is different. Listen to your skin, your body and what it needs.


  1. The big factor that people frequently forget is also drinking plenty of water. I noticed big difference after regularly drinking green tea as well. Good post Martyna, I enjoyed reading xx

    1. Definitely, people forget that to have nice skin you need to take care of the inside first - your gut is so important, eating well and keeping hydrated! xxx


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