February 24, 2018


This post will be dedicated to students on a budget and all those who cannot justify paying the ridiculous price of Santorini hotels. I am writing this post because of the amount of messages both D and I have received - we are students, and everyone was curious to know how we could afford this get away.

To clarify - we did not visit Santorini in the most glamorous way and if you are looking to stay in a 5 star hotel with a beautiful breakfast view - this post is not for you, but for all others, I hope you find this useful and enjoy reading.

To start with, find a cheap destination in Greece which you would also enjoy to visit. We opted for a week in a little town outside of Heraklion. Obviously, this was not super luxurious but it was pretty enough and relaxing for a little holiday. Either search online or go to a local travel agents (just like we did) which will have a range of little trips which you can book - Balos Beach, Santorini etc. We went for Santorini which cost us around 170 euro each. The trip included a 2 day trip to Santorini on a ferry, a stay in a 2* hotel, a trip to Oia, Kamari and Thira which are all beautiful and give you a good feel of what the island is really like.

The hotel - before you panic due to the lack of stars, which I must admit I did to start with. On arrival, we found ourselves at a modest but very cosy little hotel. The service was great and really helpful and the breakfast served was perfectly fine. The room was clean and we actually enjoyed staying there more than in some hotels we have previously stayed at. It really gave us a proper Greek feel.

Therefore, if you want to visit Santorini but you in no way can afford the extra £1,000 for a week spent there, I recommend you make the best use of your ordinary Greek holiday with this little trip. Although it may seem pricey for two days, we both enjoyed it so much that we definitely think it was worth it. The views were surreal and there is really not a bad word I can say about the beautiful town of Oia - which has became the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

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