March 02, 2018


Stressing out about upcoming deadlines and exams I have started thinking stress-relief, self-love and what truly makes me happy. Treat this post as a simple guide for a relaxing day - I'm quite obviously not an expert, just a lover of all little things that make me feel that slightly bit better on a bitter day.

1) My number one is tea - a warm cup of your favourite tea - despite popular belief - will not solve your problems but it will add that feeling of comfort to your day. Whether you like your tea with lots of sugar, milk, flavoured, back in its purest form.. It doesn't matter. (It also acts as a great hand warmer for the cold days) 
My favourites include: Kusmi Tea Paris BB tea, Peppermint tea and some old fashioned black tea with a lemon.

2) Go for a walk. Whether it's a long walk, or a 5 minute walk round the block (literally) It will make you feel better, fresh air always works. Your mind needs it and just remember that it will add some steps to your count which is always a bonus. Don't get discouraged by colder weather - think of the amazing feeling when you come back, put on your cosy slippers and sip some tea. 

3) Buy yourself flowers. I always see posts all over social media of girls wishing boys would buy them flowers, and of course that would be nice. But you don't need a boy to do that, do that for yourself, go to your nearest supermarket (or if you're lucky to have a farmers market nearby) and pick out a little bouquet which will make you happy and brighten up your space. I usually opt for ones which don't cost more than £4.

4) Read a book. This one is not for everyone - some enjoy it, others don't. I am personally a massive book worm. I could read anything and I am a fast reader - about the only talent I have. I love just chilling with a book and forgetting about my problems. If you don't like books, swap it for a magazine . P.S If you are lucky enough to have a bathtub - that will make it even better.

Just remember to do little things that YOU love, it doesn't matter what it is or how small, It's so important to find happiness in the simplest of things. Exam time can be stressful but you need to take time out to yourself to allow your brain to rest. Just relax..

Love, M x 

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