April 02, 2018

Krakow: A guide

It makes me super proud that Krakow has become a popular budget-friendly travel destination amongst people I know. When I first arrived in Scotland, most people didnt even know Poland was a country, and those who did, thought it was cold and gloomy. Despite its economical faults, Poland is a colourful and vibrant country.

This post is designed to give you a guide of the chic places in Krakow which not that many people know about. I’m writing it thanks to my sister who went to Krakow a while back, and didn’t know what to do – she doesn’t enjoy a museum trip or touring around the castle, so here are some nice things to see if you’re just simply not a museum type of person. I’ll keep it short since I’m no expert but these are definitely my favourite:

Jeju Beauty Store (Miodowa 9, 31-055 Kraków)
The MOST Instagram-worthy boutique you could imagine. Pastel pink walls and amazing interior. Discover their range of Korean natural skincare and speak to one of their specialists, whilst sipping some matcha latte.

Café Camelot (Świętego Tomasza 17, 33-332 Kraków)
Rustic interior, pink walls, foreign newspapers. The dream. Enjoy some coffee, sandwiches or my favourite pierogi. Right round the corner is also a super cute concept store which is a must see.

Charlotte Chleb i Wino (plac Szczepański 2, 31-011 Kraków)
The perfect spot for morning coffee. A Parisian style café with amazing croissants.

Gallery LueLue (Miodowa 22, 31-055 Kraków)
Perfect for photography and art lovers and some quirky ones out there – buy some retro postcards of Krakow from the 20s and 30s.

Cyrano de Bergerac (Sławkowska 26, 31-014 Kraków)
For couples out there- the most romantic French restaurant. Eat in a brick-lined candle-lit cellar. Very intimate and the food is amazing.

I also can't miss out - Zapiecek which is the BEST place for pierogi.  and the best hotel is Wentzl (with a view right on to the square)

Hope you enjoy these – Krakow is a lovely place, super cheap (especially for pints) the nightlife is great. (like c'mon, it's Poland)

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